Soup’s On! Through the Years

When Erik Johnson, Founder & CEO, first started Erik’s DeliCafé in 1973,  his father, Ray Johnson, created homemade soups from his family recipes.  In the early years, Erik can be found in the commissary stirring a big pot of soup, getting ready for customers who couldn’t wait to enjoy a piping hot bowl of soup.  Fast forward 40+ years later and things have not changed much.  Erik’s is still serving delicious soups made from family recipes that customers have been enjoying for years.

A Sandwich Story from Erik – Raging Bull

How the Raging Bull got its name: During our 1982 “Name Your Sandwich” contest, we knew we had a winner on our hands when we saw Jeanne’s entry.  It had the taste, the flavors and the look of a true “sandwich with character.”  Spicy/raging peppers with premium roast beef/bull, this sandwich still packs a punch almost forty years later!

A Sandwich Story from Erik – Abbott’s Habit

How the Abbott’s Habit got its name:  Named after Chuck Abbott who helped develop Pacific Garden Mall and Lighthouse Point, and restored many historical homes in Santa Cruz County.  Also named because mushrooms thrive in environments like basements, found in convents, where nuns live, who wear habits (yes, this sandwich was created in the 70s!). 

January Dine for a Day

Erik’s kick started the year with its first Dine for a Day fundraising events on January 22.  Our DeliCafés of Gilroy and Santa Cruz-Soquel Dr. partnered with the Girl Scouts of Northern America and Housing Matters, respectively. 

Erik’s DeliCafé of Hayward turns 1!

Come celebrate with Erik’s on 12/5/19 as Erik’s DeliCafé of Hayward turns 1.  We thank you for the support you have shown us over the past year.  Without you, our loyal customers, we would not be who we are today.  In appreciation of your support, we are also hosting a Dine for a Day event to benefit The Kid’s Breakfast Club, a nutrition and education program with the mission to improve the quality of life for children and families in Hayward.