with Character

Our food is made with care and character. We put the spirit of the band and the hard work and ingenuity of our cooks into every meal all while being sourced from the best most ethical farms.







Our Sourcing Story

When we say that the food at Erik’s DeliCafé is made with care and character, we mean from start to finish. Every bit of your Sandwich with Character, soup, or salad is a community effort. To us, that’s the coolest part of what we do. We put love into preparing your meals. Our friends put love into nurturing seeds into sprouts and delicious produce. Other friends put love into preparing flavorful sandwich meats. Our other, other friends make magical and sweet Sweet Street treats. You get the picture.

We are proud to source our ingredients from so many incredible farms and partners. They never compromise on quality or character. Learn more about who we work with.