Our Values



Get the Goo All the Way Through


Our sandwich-makers are experts at using Secret Goo in our sandwiches: Start in the 4 corners of the bread and spread your way the center. Our unwavering commitment to details like that is what makes Erik’s DeliCafé so great. Our guests can always count on us for fresh ingredients, cheerful attitudes, a clean and respectful atmosphere, and top-notch food. Always.

The Best Ingredients and the Best Intentions Quality

Whenever Erik’s dad made the family his New England Clam Chowder, the whole family knew he didn’t skimp on ingredients (or the caliber of the ingredients) and that he put a whole lot of love into making it. His commitment to quality is reflected in each and every Erik’s DeliCafé – not just in our delicious soups, but in all of our food. And our service. And in the way we treat one another and our guests.






Eat good, feel good, do good! Service

Each and every Erik’s DeliCafé location views itself as more than a deli – we’re a member of the communities we serve. We take our role of giving back just as seriously as we do preparing your meals. So whether we’re carefully crafting your Pilgrim’s Progress, treating you with respect and kindness as you place your order, donating meals to local food banks, or raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, we’re acting from the goo’ness of our hearts. 

Made with Character From Start to Finish

When we say we’re serving up a healthy dose of goodness, we mean it. It’s that simple. It’s why we are so open about the friends, companies, and partners that we source our food from. It’s why we are so eager to share the nutritional information and ingredients of all our delicious offerings. It’s why we work so hard to cultivate a supportive, cheerful, and positive environment for our guests. And it’s why we work so hard to pay it forward to our communities through charitable donations throughout the year.